Welcome to the Single Source Publishing Community

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What’s this community all about?

The Single Source Publishing Community (SSPC) is a network of stakeholders from the Open Science community that are interested in Single Source Publishing (SSP) for scholarly purposes – developing open-source software and advocacy.

What is Single Source Publishing?

Single Source Publishing is an approach to publishing workflows to easily produce diverse publication output formats from only a single data source – e.g., from one dataset in Markdown or XML to make a multi-format publications as HTML, PDF, and JATS/XML, etc.

There are many different approaches to SSP and a variety of benefits of SSP on different aspects of the research lifecycle. Thus, a goal of the community is to be a meeting place to exchange ideas from these diverse practices.

Let’s collaborate more and compete less!

Who can join the community?

The community is open to newcomers and experts interested in independent, interoperable and standard-driven approaches to scholarly publishing.

What’s going on here?

A number of activities are organised by the community:

For more information check the following Wiki & discussion board.

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